Vb6 current recordset does not support updating dating profile hi im brad

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The two options available for this property are being the default property.When using the ad Use Server server-side cursorlocation, responsibility for handling the data generated by a query lies with the database server.In addition, certain functionality, such as the Record Count property of a Recordset and the Get Chunk and Appendchunk function for handling BLOB data, will fail or return abnormal results when used with a server-side cursor.Client-side cursors, specified with the ad Use Client keyword, are handled internally by ADO.Hi folks, I am currently developing a database application, in which visual basic 6 will be used as the front end and oracle as the back end? I.e an oracle database will be created and then all the coding and read write functions on the data will be performed thru vb code rite? I used the database configuration assistant of oracle8i to create a database. Open "CREATE TABLE adooracle(item_number NUMBER(3) PRIMARY KEY,depot_number NUMBER(3))" Is this method ok? Recordset 'REFERENCE -MICROSOFT ACTIVEX DATA OBJECTS 2.1 LIBRARY Private Sub Form_Load() Set db = New ADODB. How can i remove this error and add new values using above method in the table? Any other methods for accessing and performiong operations on oracle dataabase through visual basic 6? When trying to implement a db software solution involving visual basic with oracle, the only possible way is to use visual basic as the front end, with an oracle database rite? Question 2) =========== How can one create an oracle database, insert tables and values into the database? Open "", "internal USer", "internalpass" Set rs = New ADODB. Open "CREATE TABLE tbl2(item_number NUMBER(3) PRIMARY KEY,depot_number NUMBER(3))" ] the table was created but when i tried to enter a new record by using: rs.addnew command, it popped up an error: "Current recordset doesnot support updating, this may be a limitation of the provider or of the selected locktype" I tried changing locking paramaters and keyset type to dynaset etc, but still same error.

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For example: let's say we are selling tickets to a concert with our application, we need to know that a given seat is available for sale in real-time to ensure we do not double-book the seat.Additionally, the latest version of MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) should be installed, and can be found here (currently 2.7 SP1). When you execute a query that returns rows of data, such as .The different types and locations will be discussed in further detail below.i heard of commands like create tablename...where and in which program are these supposed to be give? The access database could be created /modified from ms access or visual basic data manager.

Open "select * from tbl2" [before this, i first created the table tbl2 in visual basic using the following command only once rs.These cursors offer more functionality than their server-side counterparts, and also result in less load being placed on the server.